The digital revolution in law

Everything we know about today is going to be disrupted by blockchain technology.

Blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, robots and the internet of (every)thing(s) are transforming our societies. Will your next boss be a robot? According to Alibaba CEO Jack Ma's vision of the future, Robot CEOs and short work weeks are coming:

The CEO of Asia's largest ecommerce company said at a conference in China over the weekend he believes that we're just a few decades away from having robots run our companies.
Another person from the same company speaks of another trend, big data

So how will this affect the legal business and legal services? If you combine, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, you may get more information than you ever need. Can a legal dispute be a fight between robots in court in the future? May be not, but a smart law firm can use robots to analyse documents, predict a plausible outcome of a dispute etc. What are trade secrets? Put this query in a search engien: DEF CON 22 - Michael Schrenk - You're Leaking Trade Secrets. Look at the hits. I get two youtube video hits one with the following, URL id v=JTd5TL6_zgY and the other with URL id v=hVuj8xGSt8s. Both last 41.44 minutes. Here is the first. If you are a lawyer, there is an interesting exmple about 20 minutes in the video session.

More and more lawyers get interested in the sharing economy, structural finance and derivative pricing. It is not a second too early, and the path you are riding in the future, can be very important.

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